Our Story

Covid’s impact has been far reaching. One shocking impact was the acceleration of U.S. Universities and Colleges eliminating non-revenue sports. These sports arguably form the bedrock of our Olympic sport movement. The Founders of Agora were personally disturbed that their alma-mater, the University of Minnesota, eliminated Men’s Track and Field in 2020 despite having two alumni representing the United States at the Rio Olympics. More concerning to Agora’s Founders was a fear that as opportunities to participate dry up at the collegiate level, there will be a trickle-down effect on youth sport participation.

Events like NIL, conference realignments, legal cases seeking employee status for college athletes and a massive flow of money into football and basketball further elevated their fears that something harmful to broader sports participation was looming on the horizon.

The Agora Founders are passionate about the benefits of sport participation. They have witnessed the benefits personally how “lessons learned” through sport influenced their lives, their children’s lives and the lives of friends and peers. They are also passionate that the future health of broad sport participation rests not in more aggressive philanthropic efforts but by building profitable economic platforms that bring greater visibility to Olympic Sports and their values.

Agora Sports was launched to build an independent sustainable economic solution. A solution that brings together brands seeking access to targeted markets, broad youth sport audiences lacking unification and Olympians seeking to capitalize on their success and influencing capabilities. The Agora “community” is aimed at building a powerful economic platform and voice able to compete with the prestige of the NFL.

We need your help building this valuable business which will benefit investors, young athletes, Olympians, and the Olympic sport ecosystem.

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